James Cameron

I just watched Wonder Woman yesterday and today I was doing my normal fan stalking when I came across Lynda Carter’s reply to James Cameron’s criticism of Wonder Woman: She’s an objectified icon, and it’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing!” he fumed about Gadot’s appearance as the iconic superhero. “I’m not saying […]

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Insecurities and Peer Pressure

Everyone is a different individual and so in a group, there are times where you are going to feel that your values and what you are comfortable with is going to be different to the others around you. Maybe they will understand you or maybe they will try to convince you to do what they want […]

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New Formula for Life

The title is a bit ironic but let me explain. Before today I struggled to really understand what it meant to “live as if it were your last day on Earth”. I had always thought that this was a pretty dumb quote because to me I couldn’t. If I knew I was gonna die, I […]

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